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SIRC - Sales Lab
Resume Clinic
After you put everything you know into your resume, what do you do if you think it still needs work?

When Shawn Spengler, SIRC Founder, sat down with Dick Davies of Sales Lab, they had an unusual meeting.

SIRC, Shawn's Internet Resume Center, was one of the first career-oriented Web sites ever listed in Yahoo!, and has been featured prominently in national media, including The Wall Street Journal. In building and maintaining his site, Shawn defined many of the features now found on career sites.

Dick has created career strategies and written resumes for over 5,000 job changers. He is a loud and frequent speaker on sales and marketing topics, and previously built two national outplacement companies. We didn't know what the other had done until we were working together.

Shawn's existing resume was the latest in a continuing series of resume upgrades, the result of several rebuilds over several years. It was a typical resume, ... as good as he knew how to produce.

Because we were using a system, we spent less than two hours figuring out where Shawn's resume needed to improve and writing new copy.

The new resume was our result.

The Clinic

The Internet gives us a unique opportunity to create something that is (hopefully) more instructive than a book ... and less expensive and time-consuming than one-on-one counseling.

This resume clinic was built to show where we started, the problems we faced, the decisions we made, what we learned, how we executed, and what we created. Hyperlinks on the resumes lead to explanations of what occurred at the link.

To get the most value from this clinic:

  1. View Shawn's existing resume. Click on each link for our analysis about each section.
  2. View Shawn's new resume, and follow those links.
  3. Use the Sales Lab Resume System for your own resume.
  4. Spend some time at SIRC where you can:
We hope this clinic will help you. Please contact us to tell us what worked, what we can improve, and any ideas for what we should include in the presentation.

Shawn Spengler
Dick Davies

Copyright 1996-2001 Sales Lab Incorporated and InPursuit.
Last update May 2001.